What's Included

Covering project scope, final deliverables, payments & fees, timelines, reshoots, props, shipping, approvals, editing, reshoots, copyrights and much, much more, this template will ensure that you and your brand are protected.

• A Word doc so that you can quickly customize

• The exact contract template that Alisha uses to work with clients

• Created in partnership with attorney Alli Elmunzer of Influencer Legal

• A custom contract of this scale would cost upwards of $1200

I had a  good long chat with Alli Elmunzer  of Influencer Legal, a virtual law firm that helps entrepreneurs legally protect their businesses. With over 13 years of experience in law and entrepreneurship, Alli is the perfect legal resource for creatives like us. 

In our interview, Alli answers the most common questions that she gets from photographers, the importance of contracts, and lots more. The biggest thing Alli recommends? 

A contract made for the type of work you do. No, you don’t have to pay Alli to make up a custom one for you. You can actually get a photography contract template you can use again and again for new clients.

The best part? It’s fast and easy to customize and WAY cheaper than a custom contract with a lawyer. 

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